About Us

Dr. Dan Wells

Blue Valley Highschool alumni and Former college baseball athlete turned chiropractor with a passion for kinesiology and optimizing functional movement in athletes and for every day life. Dedicated to keeping patients in peak performance shape. Let's unlock your movement potential together!

Dr. Elika Izadyar

Overland Park native and Blue Valley Northwest alumni with a passion for helping others, Dr. Elika is here to serve and take care of the community! She received her doctorate at the young age of 24 and started specializing in prenatal and postnatal care. She has spoken at prestigious conferences about her live for creating nature health through chiropractic care. She is now beginning training for functional medicine and gut health as well. With a history of Crohn’s disease she was able to heal herself holistically and wants to help others too!

Our purpose is to reignite the excitement of life in our patients. To help them discover what life with reduced pain and higher function can feel like throughout each phase of life!